A Complete Guide to Carpet Cleaning: When and How to Clean Carpets

A Complete Guide to Carpet Cleaning: When and How to Clean Carpets

There is a common misconception that carpet cleaning is an easy, quick process that simply involves vacuuming up crumbs and other remnants and blotting out the inevitable stain with over-the-counter carpet cleaning products.  However, effective carpet cleaning is often much more involved that the weekly cleaning routine.  Dirty carpets are both unappealing to the eye and a hazard to the health and well-being of the occupants of the home or office. Pollutants from carpets are breathed in, causing allergies and other illnesses.  Additionally, carpet fibers in a dirty carpet break down quicker from normal wear and tear.  For these reasons, it is important to regularly and effectively clean your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning companies on Long Island are a needed source to maintain good health and extend the life of your carpet. The standard recommendation is to employ professional carpet cleaning services once per year. However, the need for carpet cleaning is not “one size fits all” and varies per lifestyle. 

A large majority of households should have professional carpet cleaners treat their carpets every six months.  If you have peta, a high traffic business or a profession that is likely to bring home pollutants, carpet cleaning experts recommend professional cleaning every four to six weeks.  Long Island carpet cleaning companies have advanced technologies and machinery to penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpet and remove the dirt and pollutants we track through our home and business.

With that said, it is still crucial to regularly maintain carpets in between professional visits.  In between cleanings, you should vacuum at least once or twice weekly (and more often with pets or increased pollutants and in high traffic areas).  Vacuuming is most effective when done slowly in back-and-forth repetitive strokes.  The slow motion allows the carpet fibers to vibrate, removing dirt more effectively.

For small messes and stains that need to be quickly removed, a neutral cleaner should work effectively.  It should be sprayed on the stain immediately and then blotted dry a few minutes later for the best results.  Do not rub the spilled substance, as this will set the stain into the carpet.

For larger messes, a do-it-yourself steam cleaner works.  For the most effective results, use a small amount of water and a bit of dish soap or vinegar.  After home remedies are used, it is important to contact a professional.

It is important to utilize both home cleaning techniques and professional carpet cleaning companies to maintain the look, feel and overall integrity of your carpet. This will keep your space as a beautiful and safe place to live or work. If you need to schedule your professional cleaning, or have questions about the maintenance of your carpet, call the professionals at Rapid Dry today.

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